Welcome to the Maps of the Realms LARP!

Here you will find all the incarnations of the Realms Map which are utilized by the Realms LARP of the greater New England USA area.

The map that is presented on this site has been a work in progress since 1992. All the information on it is due to the great efforts of Doug Aucoin, Carrie Dolph, Jason Rosa, and those who provided them with such information.

The map was originally made alongside the Remissil Blackmane heraldry project. He began with a rough version of the map of New England and placed countries where the players from given nations were from. Time went on; the map was changed as players requested it. At a certain point, Doug left the game. Some time afterward (I don't have the exact date), Carrie Dolph took on the task of making an updated version of Remissil's map in Microsoft Paint. On April 15th, 1999, Carrie retired her map, and it was taken over by Jason Rosa, and he ran it for a time. On May 6th, 2004, Jason handed control of the Realms Map to me.

I am honored to be allowed to contribute to a game that has enriched my life since day one.

The current map has been set to be printed on 11" x 17" paper, at 400 DPI resolution. Theoretically, this should be printed from a laser printer or copier, but can be able to be printed by an ink printer without too much unpleasantness. Tests have shown that with an HP inkjet printer, everything is still legible if printed at letter size (8.5" x 11").

On March 25th, 2008, the map was updated a fully-hand-drawn, multi-layered version. The graphic files will have the most recent update noted on them, and the various updates themselves are listed on the link to the right. Some of the old updates are available for viewing in a low-res format, and the older updates that I have done are being recreated.

If there is anything on the map that you believe to be an error, or that needs to be updated, please contact me and I will endeavor to add your ideas to the overall maps.

As of October 25th, 2008, this site will also be a host for the historical maps of the Realms, created by Doug Aucoin, Carrie Dolph and Jason Rosa. If you have a realms-related map that you would like hosted here as well, please drop me a line.

-Douglas Fisher/Metron Dragonsvalley-

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